Shrimp and Minced Pork Wanton Soup by Tay Ai Whey

Hot and Sour Soup by Jessica Lie

HK Style Borscht Soup 蘿宋湯 by Jessica Lie

Mushroom Soup by Alinda Lim

Cream of Mushroom Soup with Puff by Rita Choo

Seaweed Minced Pork Tofu Soup by Lily Tan

Fritillary Bulb Soup by Shuzhi Xu

Traditional Hungarian Goulash by Michelle Heng‎

XO Fried fish Soup topped with Egg Floss by Terese Teo

Wonton soup by Janice Looi

Watercress Sparerib by Colleen Teo

Korean Clams & Tofu Stew by Rebecca Ko‎

Chashu and Tamago Miso Ramen by Tan Connie

Collagen by Linda Hsu

Lotus Root Soup by Joyce Lim Pc

Cordecep flower chicken soup by Dawn Lee

Mushrooms soup by Lee Siew Lay

5mins egg-drop soup by Christine Tan

Chicken Soup by Christine Tan

Herbal fish soup with mee suah by Lilian Liong