Braised Duck Legs by Xyun Xyun

Smoked duck porridge with century egg by Danny Yap

Stewed duck by Jensie Tan

Triple Happiness Stew by Jean Chua

Braised Duck by Magdalene Teo

Smoked Duck Breast Spaghetti Carbonara by Karen Ng

Duck breast pasta by Angeline Hong

Teochew lorh ark ( Teochew Braised Duck) by Nancy Kee

Braised Duck by Jana Tan

Roasted duck by Serena Ng

Airfried Roast Duck Wrappers by Michelle Heng

燒鴨撈麵 Dry Tossed Egg Noodles With Roast Duck by Agnes Yue

Smoked Duck by Rontree Chan

Teochew Braised Duck by Alvin Jessica Ling

Teochew Braised Duck 潮州卤鸭 by Quequek Yeo‎