Smoked Duck Breast Spaghetti Carbonara by Karen Ng

(1) Boil 300g spaghetti till al dente.
(2) Dice 2 big onions.
(3) Cut 1 Capsicum into small pieces.
(4) Remove roots & wash Buna Shimeiji mushrooms.
(5) Pan fry smoked duck breast (whole piece) & leave to cool before slicing.
(6) With a little olive oil, stir fry capsicum & Buna Shimeiji mushrooms briskly. Add salt & pepper to taste & scoop up.
(7) Add abt 1 tbsp of olive oil & sauté cut onions.
(8) Add a bottle of Carbonara sauce (I used Leggo), half a cup of evaporated milk & 3-4 tbsp a of water. Stir till it almost boils up, add 2 slices of cheddar cheese. Sprinkle with some oregano & pepper.
(9) In a saucepan, stir cooked spaghetti with Carbonara sauce done.
(10) Top with veg & sliced smoked duck breast & serve.