Tricolour glutinous rice balls by Julia Yany

Orange Ginger Carrot Cake by Jeannie Lee

Ginger Cookies by Brenda Khaw

Laksa Potato Croquettes by Patricia Bebe

Creamy laksa organic mussels by Anna Tan

Laksa Chicken Drumlets by Janice Looi

One Pot Laksa Creamy Seafood Pasta Casserole by Colleen Teo

Laksa Fish Cake by Jeannie Lee

Six Reasons Why You Should Include Superfood Ginger in Your Diet

Honey Rojak by Cassandra Xu

Airfried Thai Style Honey Lemongrass Chicken Sticks by Jeannie Lee

Blue Pea and Soya Chiffon Cake by Kitty Katherine Goh

Honey and Dashi Steamed Egg by Rontree Chan

Honey Prime Ribs by Tay Ai Whey

Grilled Honey Garlicky Prawns by Christine Tan