Salmon skin with soft shell crabs by Vernice Kirios

Umi Budo with Crab Meat in Clear Broth by Rum Bling

Crab in da Bag by Elgin Joshua How

Steamed Stuffed Orange by Michelle Heng

Seafood Pasta in Chilli Crab Sauce by Lily Tan

Baked Chilli Crab Balls by Rontree Chan

Crabby Shrooms Spaghetti by Jensie Tan

Black Pepper Crab by Samirah Hamza

Fried Crab Tang Hoon by Kymn Lee

Claypot crab rice by Ryan Thian

Black pepper crab spaghetti by Cassandra Chee

Airfried Horlicks Crab Croquettes by Michelle Heng

Wok-Fried been hoon with crab by JJ Lily Ooh

Crabs Bee Hoon Soup by Wendy Kwan‎

Bee hoon soup crab by Anna Tan

Singapore Styled Chilli Crab by Ho Sim Lang

Chilli Crab by CK Foo

Big Crab Beehoon by Jensie Tan

Chilli crabby mantou burgers by Rontree Chan

Chilli Crab by Florence Neo