Chilli crabby mantou burgers by Rontree Chan

Actually this dish is kind of same with chilli crab, i sort of deconstructed it only. I used Premix cuz only cooking for small portion. Here is the recipe.
1 packet Singlong brand chilli crab paste (small pack -$1.95).
~ I used only half packet. kept half of it for chilli dou fu.
1 packet crab meat ard 250g. (can use frozen type too)
1 packet frozen store bought plain mantou.
1 knob ginger cut into few slices.
2 stalks spring onion (green and white part) cut 10cm length.
1 clove of garlic minced.
2 Tbsp Chinese wine , hua diao jiu.
1 Tbsp Ketchup.
1 Tsp sugar.
100ml water.
some corn starch water for thickening.
Half beaten egg.

~ Fry the mantou (ard 1 min) as per instruction. set aside.
~ In a wok, heat 2 TBsp of oil, add in gingers, spring onion and garlic.
~ fry till fragrant, add in crab meat continue stir fry to cook.
~ Add in chinese wine in circular motion from the rim of wok.
~ Turn to low heat, remove spring onion and ginger. leave crab meat in wok.
~ Add in half pack of chilli paste, ketchup, sugar and water.
~ Turn back high heat cook till bubbling. Check it taste for own preference.
~ Turn back low heat, add corn starch water if require.
~ Pour in beaten egg, off fire let the egg semi set then stir.
~ Cut the mantou into half and assemble it like burger.

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