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Banana bread by Jeslin Chua

Honey Pumpkin Bread by Jeslin Chua

Orange flaxseed loaf by Paulyn Lim

Soft White Bread (5C starter dough) by Teresa Lim

Maccha Marble Bread (Green Tea) by Helen Kwek

Wholemeal bread by Joyce Yong

Walnut Wholemeal Muiltigrains bread by Joyce Yong

Milk & Honey Bread by Helen Kwek‎

Mini honey milk buns by Fc Ng

Chocolate bread by CookingMama MickeyPiggy

Pandan Loaf by Irene Chan-Whitlam

Wholemeal Cheese Loaf by Irene Chan-Whitlam‎

Challah Bread Loaf by Rena Seah Othman‎

BM fish floss by Ah Bee Flanders

Mixed berries yoghurt bread loaf by Goh NgaiLeng

Chocolate Marble bread by Joyce Yong

Chocolate swirl bread by Goh NgaiLeng

Soft Loaf by Shen Cui Ling

Rolled Oats and Raisins Cultured Milk Bread by Alvin Sumedha Lee

Banana bread by Zonna Ong