Abalone Sauce Diced Stirfry in Golden Box by Angelin Goh

Fried Tofu with Prawns by Tay Ai Whey

Fried Tempe by ‎Rita Choo

Fried Tau Kwa with Minced Pork and Cai Po by Tay Ai Whey

Tau Huay (Soy Beancurd) by Lily Tan

Beancurd with Prawn & Meat Sauce by Jessie Koey

Fried Bean curd with Minced Pork by Jeannie Lee‎

Fried egg tofu with cereal by Zann Teo

Egg Tou foo with Minced Meat by Flora Ng S W

Golden Jubilee Tofu by Jensie Tan

Tofu minced pork by Kelly Pang

Steamed tofu with minced pork and century egg by Tay Ai Whey

Stuffed tofu by Siew Boon Teo

Homemade Egg Tofu Topped with Minced Pork and Mushroom by Vanessa Tay

Panfry Tofu Meat Patties by Christine Tan

Steamed egg tofu with minced pork and prawns by Jeannie Lee

Mapo Tofu by Vanessa Tay

Tofu with century egg & pork floss by Zann Teo

Mapo tofu by Tan Connie

Homemade Seafood Tofu by Lily Tan