Fried egg tofu with cereal by Zann Teo


Egg tofu
Slice into pcs
Let it dry over 2 pcs of kitchen paper for abt 15 mins .
Coat the egg tofu with cornflour.
Pan fry till light brown. Keep aside .

For the cereal 

Use abt 3 tablespoon to 4 tablespoon of butter .
Nestum cereal abt 6 tablespoon depending how much u want .
Salt abt half teaspoon
Sugar abt 3 tablespoon to 4 .
Milk powder abt 3 tablespoon.


Melt the butter in smallest fire . Once it melted add salt n sugar . Stir a while .
Add cereal stir well . Add milk powder . Still on small fire .
Keep stirring . The cereal will turn crispy it take abt 8 mins or so .
Taste it at this time . Add milk powder if not enough or whichever u prefer to like more u can add . Alway keep it at small fire .

Once it ready. Add the tofu in and coat well with the cereal. And it ready to serve !!