Airfried (Homemade) Seaweed Chicken by Michelle Heng

1 chicken thigh (deboned)
Seaweed strips

2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp mirin
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

1. Cut the chicken thigh into strips to the size of about a thumb length and thickness after removing the skin.
2. Marinate the chicken strips with all the seasoning for at least 1/2 day, preferably overnight.
3. Cut the seaweed sheets into smaller strips (about 3x9 cm) if not using pre-cut seaweed strips which comes individually wrapped.
4. Wrap the seaweed around each piece of chicken strips. No need to add egg or water to secure the seaweed as it is wet enough because of the seasoning, the seaweed will stick to the chicken strips.
5. Airfry the seaweed chicken at 180 deg C for 7mins (in a preheated airfryer) on a greased metal plate before turning over and airfry the other side for a further 7 mins. Spray a spritz of oil on the chicken on both occasions.
6. Bon appetit!

1. Can deep fry, pan fry or bake. Frying would give the dish a browish colour than baking.