Airfried Spicy Lemon Prawns by Jeannie Lee

Airfried Thai Style Honey Lemongrass Chicken Sticks by Jeannie Lee

Air Fried Chicken Wings by Tay Ai Whey

Airfried Prawn Paste Mid-Joint Chicken Wings by Tay Ai Whey

Pandan Chicken by Jovial Um-ma

Airfried Cordon Bleu Chicken Meatballs by Michelle Heng

Airfried Tortilla Nacho Cheese Crusted Codfish by Michelle Heng

Airfried Nam Yee Mid-joint Chicken Wings by Michelle Heng

Airfried Pumpkin on a Bed of Crispy Spinach by Michelle Heng

Airfried Cornflake Crusted Chicken Strips by Rita Choo

Airfried Pork Back Ribs with char siew sauce by Jeannie Lee‎

Airfried Egg Tofu Omelette by Clara Fu

Airfried honey lime chicken wings by Anna Tan

Airfried Sweet & Sour Pork by Wendy Ang

Airfried Horlicks Chicken Drumsticks by Michelle Heng

Airfried Horlicks Crab Croquettes by Michelle Heng

Rice Cooker Gula Melaka Cha Siew by Michelle Heng

Airfried Curried Mid Wings by Jane Lee

Airfried Pork Floss Mini Spring Rolls by Yvonne Tay

Walnuts Butter Cookies by Rita Ng