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Honey Roasted Cashew Nuts by Samirah Hamza‎

Traditional Walnut Mooncakes by Brenda Khaw

Braised Peanuts by Zen Yip‎

Almond crisp by Esther Tho

Almond Cookies by May Chong

Kok chai by Lucinda Lau

杏仁酥片 Almond crisps by Joyce Loke

Kok-chai or mini peanut puff by Lucinda Lau

Nutty Snack by Eileen Heng

Ikan bilis with peanut by Janice Looi

Walnut Butter Cake by Mel Lee

Walnut Butter Cake by Charmaine Jane Yong

Walnut Butter Cake 核桃奶油蛋糕 by Victoria Moon Kua