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Tao Suan by Susan Tan


200g mung beans - $1.00 from market (washed briefly and pre-soaked overnight and put in fridge)
10 tbsp sweet potato starch (mixed evenly with some water)
8 pandan leaves (each cut into 2) preboiled in water
Water 1.5L - 2L
White sugar (50g)
Orange sugar (30g)
Brown sugar or Gula Melaka syrup (10 ml)
Tiny pinch of salt

1. Boil pandan leaves in medium size pot (1.5L - 2L water) for 20-30 mins and leave it to soak.
2. Steam the soaked mung beans in a cloth bag or herbal bag (new bag) for 20-30 mins. At half time turn the beans to mix them evenly. Taste for softness.
3. Throw away pandan leaves and boil the water again. While boiling, add the 3 types of sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Add a pinch of salt. Taste and adjust the sugar for sweetness. Lower heat and slowly add the sweet potato starch (dissolved in water) and increase heat again, stirring quickly until you get a thick consistency. Check and add more liquid sweet potato flour if it's too thin.
4. Do …

Tau Suan by Tan Connie‎


Yellow split beans rinsed n soaked abt 2hrs or till bloated
1 litre boiled water
1/4 cup castor sugar
2-3 tbsp orange sugar
Half bowl of potato flour mixed with water
A few knotted pandan leaves

1. Rinse the beans clean, soak & put aside.
2. Once beans are bloated, steam it in medium heat with 2 knotted pandan leaves till al-dente (cooked n grainy texture)
3. In a cooking pot, pour the castor sugar n let it slowly brown over low heat. This will take some time ...
4. Once it browns, pour some water slowly bit by bit n stir till the syrup is even. Becareful, as it may splatter n very hot. Once even, add in more water to cook with knotted pandan leaves. At this point, you may add in the orange sugar too.
5. Then add in the potato flour mixture n stir well with no lumps, to reach the desired consistency.
6. Pour in the steamed beans n mix well in the pot.
7. Scoop into bowls n top with dough fritters.
8. Serve hot. Enjoy!!

Sprain / Crick & Back Pain Soup by Helen Kwek

(Mine is for 5 - 6 family members)

1 Cup = Full of Black Beans
9 - 12 pcs = Chicken Legs
(If u like more, can add in more chicken legs)
Water - Depend on family members.
1 Big Dried Squid (枪乌贼)
If the dried squid not too big, can put 2 pcs.

**For those who want to use Slow Cooker**
First wash all the ingredients & put the ingredients into the slow cooker to cook for 7hrs and is ready to be serve. Add some salt to your taste. Good thing is Water will not reduce using Slow Cooker.

**For those who want to use Stove to cook**
First wash all the ingredients & put the ingredients into the pot together with a ceramic spoon to cook until the water started to boil then turn to slow fire to cook for 5 hrs and is ready to be serve. The purpose of adding a ceramic spoon is to help soften the black bean. Add some salt to your taste. Bad thing is Wat…

Peanut cookies by Esther Tho

400g grind peanut
250-250g fine sugar
300g plain flour (sieved)
160g veg / peanut oil
1/2 - 3/4 tsp salt
1 beaten egg for egg wash
Some peanuts for deco

Mix the 1st 4 ingredients in a big mixing bowl. Slowly mix in the oil till can form a soft dough.
Form into small balls.
Egg wash them and deco with half peanut.
Bake in preheated oven at 180deg for about 25-30mins or till golden brown.
Remove, leave to cool before storing.

Florentine Nuts Crisp by Florentine Nuts Crisp

Ingredients: - Florentine Flour 100g
- Almond Slices 150g
- Pumpkin Nuts 50g
(Black n White sesame seeds to sprinkle on top - optional)
(U can use Any of ur fav nuts)

Method:Preheat oven 140C
- in a big bowl, mix Florentine flour n nuts well .
- line Baking paper on tray (Mine is 15x11)
- spread mixture evenly using the back of a spoon.
- bake 140C / 10 mins - non fan mode (every oven is various, pls adjust ur temp accordingly ) Useful tips:To cut " uniform square ". Once the crisp is taken out from oven, immediately place the crisp (with Baking paper) on a flat surface. Using the back of the tray, press on the crisp. When is still hot, use a knife/scissor cut into the size u want.

Tumpi Cili Padi (Green beans spiced cracker) by Ayuls Myiesha

Recipe for the groundnuts version.

1packet rice flour
1 egg
200ml coconut milk
200ml water
5 garlic
2 tbsp corriender seed
2 tbsp cumin seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 turmeric powder


Blend everything except the rice flour.
In a big bowl, add rice flour & the blended spices mix well.
Heat the oil.
Use a ladle, scoop the mixture & add the groundnuts.
Pour the mixture in the ladle at the sides of the frying pan.
Once it's a bit dry up, push it to the centre.
Fry till about brownish, scoop & drip the oil frm the finished product.

Green beans version:
All the ingredients are the same just change the groundnuts to green beans but for the amount of green beans,you have to soak over night for it to be soft..once soft add into the batter

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Black Beans Soaked In Vinegar by Rena Seah Othman

150g black beans
400-450ml black bean vinegar...

1. Rinse and drain black beans then roast in oven ah 100C till dry (about 15 minutes)
2. Remove from oven and leave cool.
3. Put the cooled black beans into a glass container before pouring in the black beans vinegar to soak for 4-5 hours. Place in a refrigerator
 How to consume
Consume 10 black beans before breakfast and 20 black beans after breakfast, lunch and dinner Post link:

Red Bean Paste by Lena Lai

Red beans (I used the big type. Don't buy organic as they are hard like rock.)
With Thermomix, I boil the water and put the beans into the basket, cook for 30 mins. Will be quite soft.
Then take off the basket, pour out the water.
Put the beans directly into Thermomix jar, pour the water back till cover beans, cook at speed 3, varoma for another 30 mins.
Then when all soften, pulse using turbo button, add sugar n oil.
Cook for another 5 mins. Done!

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