Florentine Nuts Crisp by Florentine Nuts Crisp

Ingredients: - Florentine Flour 100g
- Almond Slices 150g
- Pumpkin Nuts 50g
(Black n White sesame seeds to sprinkle on top - optional)
(U can use Any of ur fav nuts)

Method:Preheat oven 140C
- in a big bowl, mix Florentine flour n nuts well .
- line Baking paper on tray (Mine is 15x11)
- spread mixture evenly using the back of a spoon.
- bake 140C / 10 mins - non fan mode (every oven is various, pls adjust ur temp accordingly )
Useful tips:To cut " uniform square ". Once the crisp is taken out from oven, immediately place the crisp (with Baking paper) on a flat surface. Using the back of the tray, press on the crisp. When is still hot, use a knife/scissor cut into the size u want.