Potatoes and Corn Pancake by Rontree Chan

Baked Portobello Mushroom with Stuffed Mashed Potato by Tammy Tng

Curry Potato Donut by Rontree Chan

Spiky yam balls by Lena Lai

Begedil by Jumi Tan

Very Cheesy Potato Balls with Ham by Lily Tan

Begedil by Amelia Renee Lim

Cheesy Potato Rosti by Theresa Chu

Broccoli with Mashed Potatoes Patties by Jeannie Lee

Yam Cake by Jensie Tan

Ondeh Ondeh by Tan Connie

Baked salmon with mashed potato topped with cheese by Cat Yo

Yam rice by Pamela Gordon

Steamed tapioca kueh by Tay Ai Whey

Hakka dish Yam Abacus Seed 客家算盘子 by Giauw Molly

Steamed Yam Cake 芋头糕 by Tan Connie

Teochew Orh Nee by Tan Connie

Potatoe Gratin by Rachel Teo Ö

Steamed sweet potato by Tay Ai Whey

Sweet potatoes Sesame seeds balls by Jeannie Lee