Lobster Porridge by Michelle Heng

Slipper Lobster porridge by Shirli Ling‎

Smoked duck porridge with century egg by Danny Yap

Abalone Scallop Pork Porridge by Camilla Teo

Fish Porridge by Esther Tho

Salted veggie porridge by Dawn Lee

Salmon meatball porridge by Xiujuan Peh

Flower crab porridge with conpoy & wolfberries by Lilian Liong

八宝粥 ,eight treasure by Jensie Tan

Tomatoes porridge by Clarine Lin

Shredded chicken porridge by Jensie Tan

Jumbo Prawn & Scallop Porridge by Camilla Teo

Shredded Chicken Porridge by Florence Neo

Seafood Rice Congee by Harald Skarsgård‎

银鱼肉丸粥 Dried Anchovies and Pork Ball Porridge by ZapPaLang

Sliced Spanish Mackerel aka Batang Fish Porridge by Florence Neo

Cantonese style porridge:- Minced pork, Dried scallop & frozen scallop, century egg & you tiao by Linda Lau

Lotus Seeds with Minced Pork Porridge by Cassandra Lee