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Honey Kaya Jam by Julia Yany

Tomato Salsa by Joyce Tan

Chili Sauce by Jumi Tan

Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce by Lily Tan

Chilli Sauces by Jensie Tan

Dhal by Lena Lai

Salsa by Maverick Lim

Nasi Lemak chili by JJ Lily Ooh

Ragu alla Bolognese by Eddy Khoo

Homemade Tomato Sauce by Michelle Yeow

Durian Kaya by Judy Cho

Salsa with Nacho by Anna Tan‎

Mango jam by Yollynda Apaliz Villamil

Chicken rice chilli by Zann Teo

Homemade Kaya by Janet Chan

Homemade cranberry jam by Tan Connie

Super Simple Cheese dip by Esther Tho

Dahl by Malar Lina

Roselle Jam by Jensie Tan

Mayonnaise by Jeffrey Yeo