Honey Kaya Jam by Julia Yany

Honey is a well known natural sweetener and full of health benefits. Huiji honey made from natural raw honey, infused with jasmine flower scents, gave a special unique taste. Great for cooking, baking and drinks too.

5 eggs
125 grams sugar
3 tablespoons Huiji honey
5 stalks pandan leafs (large size)
70ml pandan juice (80ml water+chopped pandan leafs) blender until pandan are refine, sieved through a strainer by pressing the blended pandan to collect the juice.
200ml coconut milk

In a large bowl, whisk eggs and sugar until sugars are dissolved. Add in honey, pandan juice and coconut milk to combine well. Sieve the mixture with a strainer in a small pot or medium size bowl.
Prepare a larger cooking pot or a deep pan, place in the small pot into the larger pot. Fill in the larger pot with water for double boiler (bain-marie method). Be careful that the water not to overfill the smaller pot. Bring to gentle boil simmering with medium low heat uncovered. Keep on stirring the mixture until mixture is thickened to desired consistency. Off the heat. For desired smooth kaya jam or lump free consistency, after completed the cooking process, pour away the hot water bath, fill in with cold tap water and place in the small pot with jam on the cold water bath. Continue stirring to create the smooth texture. Another way is to let it cool down and use blender or food processor to smoothen the mixture. Store in the airtight container and keep refrigerated. Spread over bread or toast and Served immediately.