Chili Sauce by Jumi Tan

1. Clean big chili and chili padi in water, drain. Remove the green stem and cut them into smaller pieces (easier to blend).
2. Cut ginger into thin strip and cut garlic into half.
3. Cut lime into half and squeeze out juice.
4. Take out your blender and place garlic and ginger in first. With the help of some liquid (which are lime juice, vinegar and sesame oil) blend these first.
5. Add in chopped big chili and chili padi now.
6. Do this in 3 batches. Cos you do not wanna jam up your blender.
7. Once done, U can combine everything into a big bowl and add in salt and sugar. Mixed well.
8. Keep them into a clean jar.


If you are making a lot like me, I usually keep 2 jar in the freezer and 1 jar at the fridge side.

This can usually last me 3-4 months

P/S: What U see here is abt 5 packs of chili padi. 1 pack of big chili, 1 small bag of garlic, Ginger is half a palm size only. Lime is abt 12. 3 tablespoon of vinegar, 3 tablespoon of sesame oil. 1 tablespoon of salt. 3 tablespoon of sugar. But overall U can still adjust the taste accordingly to suit your own preference.