Mayonnaise by Jeffrey Yeo

Making mayonnaise at home is easy. Just the freshest egg yolks, a light vegetable oil, some mustard, salt and white wine vinegar or lemon juice and hand muscle. Once the basic mayo is done, you can add a whole range of flavours to it to make the mayo a special dip for your chicken, fish or use as a dressing.

My favorite is a paprika mayo - shallots, dill, anchovies, thyme, with a zip of smoked paprika. The mayo is perfect for fish filets or tempura prawns and soft shell crabs. This keeps well for up to 6-7 days in a fridge! No preservatives added!

The ratio I use is always 3 egg yolks, 500ml oil, 1 tbsp mustard, 1 tbspn white wine vinegar, 1 tspn salt. Drop by drop drip oil into mixing bowl and whisk quickly. Until it binds. When all the oil has been used up, drop 3-4 tbspn of boiling water to seal the mayonnaise. 

Then transfer to a blender, add the rest - 1 bunch dill, 3 sprigs of thyme leaves, a shallot chopped finely, 2 anchovies fillets, and blitz. Add a heaped tbsp of smoked sweet paprika. Blitz again. And you're done.