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Sakura Swiss Roll by Jeannie Lee

Ingredients 3 eggs yolk
20gm sugar
55gm cake flour/top flour
30gm lemon juice
1tsp lemon zest
30gm corn oil
1/8tsp salt

3 eggs white
40gm sugar
1/4tsp cream of tartar

16pcs pickled Sakura


Lined a 10x10" square tin with parchment/baking paper.

Soak sakura flowers in a bowl for an hour or more.
Drain and pat dry with kitchen towel.
Arrange flowers on the lined baking tray.

Preheat oven temp 180deg.

1. Whisk eggs yolk and sugar till creamy.
Add lemon juice, lemon zest and oil to combine.
2. Sieve in flour and salt and mix well. Set aside.
3. In a clean mixing bowl, whisk egg white till foamy.
4. Add in cream of tartar and sugar in 3 addition.
Continue to whisk till stiff peak.
5. Fold egg white mixture into yolk mixture in 3 addition using a spatula.
6. Pour mixture onto the lined baking tray and spread evenly.
7. Knock tray on table 2 to 3 times to get rid of air bubbles.
8. Bake in a preheated oven for 15mins.
Remove tray once baked from oven.
9. Flip over and gently …

Old School Nutty Crunch Vanilla Swiss Roll by Shanice Chng‎

Ingredients A (cake batter)
Vanilla extract 0.7 tsp
Whole egg 0.7 no.
Castor sugar 10g
Egg yolk 3.5 (I used Seng Choon eggs for its rich yellow colour)
Blue Jacket cake flour 70g (double sieved)
Corn oil 35g (you can also use melted butter for richness in cake)
Full cream milk 42g

Ingredient B (egg white meringue)
Egg white 3.5 no.
Cream of tartar 0.25 tsp
Castor sugar 46g

Ingredient C (vanilla buttercream)
Unsalted butter 150g (I used SCS butter)
Vanilla extract 0.75 tsp
Icing powder 60g

Shelled peanuts 340g (unshelled and skinned)
1. Rinse unshelled peanuts with water to get rid of dirt.
2. Shake off water, leave peanuts on paper towel to dry for couple of mins
2. Roast in oven at 160 deg c for 17 mins
4. Remove from oven, cool and crush roughly (depends on ur preference if u like fine or course texture)

Preheat oven at 160 deg c
Line 10" x 10" x 2" square pan

Method for Ingredient A
1. Beat egg …

Strawberry Swiss Roll by Tan Connie


100g cake flour (sifted)
80g fine sugar
100g corn oil
4 eggs (separate yolks n whites)
100g whipped/fresh cream
One punnet of fresh strawberries (cut lengthwise-halved)

1. Whisk the 4 egg whites till slightly foamy. Then add 2 tspn of fine sugar. Increase mixer speed n whisk till stiff peaks. (U may transfer this into a clean bowl first) Keep this in fridge for later use.
2. Whisk the 4 yolks n sugar till thick.
3. Fold in the whites now (2 to 3 batches) into the yolk mixture.
4. Once well combined, handfold the sifted flour into the abv egg mixture then followed by oil (per my usual spongecake recipe abv).
5. Pour this batter into a lined shallow tray (i used a rectangular tray tis round).
6. Baked in a preheated oven at 180°c for 20mins or till cooked.
7. Once out frm oven, flip this over another clean sheet of baking paper (i lay a silicone baking mat below instead of wet towel). Remove that earlier lined baking paper.
8. When it is slightly cooled, spread the fre…

Pandan Swiss Roll with Gula Melaka Coconut Cream filling by Andrew Lim

Preheat oven to 160 Deg Celcius
Line Swiss roll pan. Mine was a 10' x 13' pan.

Ingredients A
4 egg yolks
50g castor sugar
20g oil
40g coconut milk with Pandan extract ( blended Pandan leaves with coconut milk to extract the Pandan extract)
80g cake flour
A pinch of salt

Whisk egg yolks with sugar till light and fluffy. Add in oil and coconut milk + Pandan extract.
Whisk till evenly mixed.
Fold in sifted flour and mix well till there are no clumps. Set aside

Ingredients B
4 egg whites
30g castor sugar
1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar

Whisk egg whites in a clean bowl with clean whisk. When the egg white turns frothy, add in the sugar bit by bit. Also add in the Cream of Tartar. Whisk till meringue turns to stiff peaks.

Scoop 1/3 of the meringue and fold with ingredients A. Repeat till all your meringue is used up.

Slowly pour from about 6 to 8' high from the pan to pop the bubbles. Once the batter had all been poured. Lift up the pan and drop it a few times to burst more air bubble…

Mango roll with custard cream by Connie Tan


100g Topflour
80g fine sugar
100g corn oil
4 Large eggs

[Mango custard cream]
50g instant custard(redman)
125ml UHT/fresh milk
50g whipped cream
3 tbsp mango puree

Steps for Filling1. Handwhisk the small batch of whipping cream.
2. Whisk the custard with milk till thickened texture.
3. Combine the custard mixture with whipped cream n add mango puree n stir well. Leave in fridge.

Steps for sponge roll1. Prepare the spongecake base.
2. Whisk the eggs n sugar till thick & glossy.
3. Handfold the sifted flour into the eggs mixture in 3 batches.
4. Pour in the corn oil and hand fold batter till even and glossy.
5. Pour this into a lined swissroll/shallow tray (i use a 25×35cm size or 10"14")
6. Bake in a preheated oven of 180°c for abt 20mins.
7. Test for doneness of cake.
8. Cake with added puree will look slightly dark n compact.
9. When cake is cooled, spread with custard cream n roll like swissroll method.
10. Firm up in freezer slightly bef transf…

Swiss rolls by Zann Teo

45 gram milk or water
45 gram honey
45 gram oil
5 egg yolks
Cake flour 100 gram. Sifted .

Mix well water or milk with honey oil and 5 egg yolks with hand whisk . Add in sifted flour . Fold in evenly .
Leave aside .

5 egg white
65 gram sugar
1/2 teaspoon Cream of tartar

Use a electric whisk to whisk the egg white with cream of tartar . Add Add in sugar gradually .
It will form a stiff egg white .

Add the egg white into the egg yolk mixture into 3 parts . Fold in gently .

Pour into baking tin with non grease baking paper . Bake for abt 15 to 20 mins at 160 degree . Depending on your oven .

Prepare another pc of baking sheet . Below with a wet towel . Once the swiss roll out from oven flip over this baking paper . I will apply the filling at this time and roll with it . Sprinkle with icing sugar if u want .

3 Ingredients Swiss Roll by Cassandra Poh

50g cake flour(sifted twice)
60g castor sugar
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 200C. Line a 28 x 28cm sq cake pan with parchment paper.
In a clean bowl, beat eggs with whisk. Add sugar, then place bowl over a pot of simmering water & mix well.
When egg mixture is warm, use an electric mixer & beat on high speed until light & fluffy. Reduce speed to low & continue beating for abt 1 min. Gently fold in flour with spatula.
Pour batter into prepared pan & spread evenly. Bake for 10-13 mins.
When Swiss roll sponge is done, remove fm pan and place in a big plastic bag to cool. ( I placed it on cooling rack then place in plastic bag.) no need to seal.
Spread whatever fillings u prefer & roll up.

Christmas Yule/Log Cake by Angela Seah Thulin

Swiss roll by Angela Seah Thulin

Chocolate Swiss roll with chocolate rum granach and mushroom meringue by Adeline Siau

Mango Swiss Roll with lemonade whipped cream by Jane Lee

Recipe from:

I used whipped cream and mango for filings instead of chocolate fillings.
120ml of whip cream
40-50g icing sugar *taste to your preference
1 lemon zest
2 table spoon of lemon juice
- Whip till still peak and fridge before spreading them
- Freeze / Fridge the bowl and whisk before whipping them

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Chocolate Swiss Roll by Patricia BeBe

Ingredients ~
3 large eggs
75g caster sugar
50g plain flour
25g cocoa powder
1) Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Sit a large heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, add the eggs and sugar, and whisk for 5–10 minutes or until the mixture is thick and creamy. Sift in the flour and cocoa powder and fold in gently with a metal spoon.
2) Line the Swiss roll tin with baking paper, then pour the mixture into the tin and level the top. Bake for 10 minutes, or until the sponge is springy to the touch. Remove from the oven, cover with a damp tea towel, and leave to cool.
3) Turn the sponge out onto a sheet of greaseproof paper dusted with cocoa powder, then spread the buttercteme icing over the top of the sponge. Using the greaseproof paper to help you, roll the sponge up, starting from one of the short sides.

Butter Creme Icing
Ingredients ~
50g Unsalted Butter
60g Icing Sugar
60g Corn Flour
20g Cocoa Powder
1tsp Milk ( if icing is too dry )

1) Cream Butter till pale & fluff…

Rainbow Chocolate Logcake by Kelly Ng

6 egg yolk
75 ml oil
90ml milk
95g cake flour
1tsp essence (yr choice)

6 egg white
80 g caster sugar
1/16 tsp cream of tar tar

Preheat oven 160degree C.
Lighty beat the egg yolk, add in oil & milk, mix well and then fold in the sifted flour. Put aside (cannot exposed to wind, cover it up).

Next Whisk the egg white. When you see some bubbles start surfacing add in the tartar, continue to whisk until the bubble almost look crowded then add in half of the sugar, whisk awhile and then pour in the remaining sugar. When the egg white look like snow finish and the bowl can turn upside down without falling, it is done. Then mix 1//3 of the egg white to the egg yolk mixture and mix well till no white can be seen. Then pour in egg yolk mixture back to the remaining 2/3 of the egg white and fold mix thoroughly.

Divide è batter into 6 portion (approx. 155-165g**) n add è rainbow color. Pipe on tray. Bake approx. 10mins.

Choc Ganache:
200g couventure choc
50g Compund dark choc
100ml whippi…

Pandan kaya sugar roll by Jensie Tan

Here is the recipe for Kaya

10 egg (big egg I put 9)
300 Sugar
430ml coconut milk
100ml pandan juice
A few drop Green colouring (I never put )

Mix egg n sugar tgt till sugar dissolves , add in coconut milk , pandan juice , stir till well mix , strain mixture in the small pot
Do like the double - boiler , place the small pot into the big pot , pour 5 cup water into the large pot , boil it , stirring continuously till lays become think n sticky

For the Swiss roll
4 eggs
107g caster sugar
107 plain flour ( I use top flour )
20g think pandan juice
10g sponge gel
90g butter (melted)

Mix all the batter ingredient( except butter)in the mixer , mix until the batter turn white
Add in the butter n mix well
Pour into the tray n bake 180c for 18 min to 20 min

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Purple Sweet potatoes Swiss Roll by Jeannie Lee

Pandan Swiss Roll with cheddar cheese by Chin Chin Chan

Pandan Swiss Roll by Sugar Ng

Strawberry Swiss Roll by Sandy Lee

Mini Swissroll Cake by Soh Siew Hwa

Strawberry Swiss Roll with Homemade Nutella Filling 草莓蛋糕卷配自制能多益(nutella)榛子酱 by Victoria Moon Kua