Old School Nutty Crunch Vanilla Swiss Roll by Shanice Chng‎

Ingredients A (cake batter)
Vanilla extract 0.7 tsp
Whole egg 0.7 no.
Castor sugar 10g
Egg yolk 3.5 (I used Seng Choon eggs for its rich yellow colour)
Blue Jacket cake flour 70g (double sieved)
Corn oil 35g (you can also use melted butter for richness in cake)
Full cream milk 42g

Ingredient B (egg white meringue)
Egg white 3.5 no.
Cream of tartar 0.25 tsp
Castor sugar 46g

Ingredient C (vanilla buttercream)
Unsalted butter 150g (I used SCS butter)
Vanilla extract 0.75 tsp
Icing powder 60g

Shelled peanuts 340g (unshelled and skinned)
1. Rinse unshelled peanuts with water to get rid of dirt.
2. Shake off water, leave peanuts on paper towel to dry for couple of mins
2. Roast in oven at 160 deg c for 17 mins
4. Remove from oven, cool and crush roughly (depends on ur preference if u like fine or course texture)

Preheat oven at 160 deg c
Line 10" x 10" x 2" square pan

Method for Ingredient A
1. Beat egg yolk, sugar, whole egg and castor sugar and vanilla extract till ribbon stage
2. Whisk in melted butter / corn oil into egg mixture till blended. Add in full cream milk till combined.
3. Gently whisk in cake flour till just combined.

Method for Ingredient B
1. Beat egg whites, add in cream of tartar when egg white gets foamy.
2. Add in castor sugar in 3 additions till firm peak formed.
3. Whisk in 1/3 of the meringue into ingredient A mixture till just combined
4. Add in 2nd batch meringue, whisk in just combined. Lastly do the same for third batch meringue, whisk till well combined.
5. Bang the finished batter onto table 3 times to get rid of excess air bubbles.
6. Pour batter into lined pan and bake for 18 - 20 mins.
7. Once cake is cooked, inverted pan and un-mould cake when cool.

Method for Ingredient C
Cream butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract till smooth.

Filling and coating for Vanilla Swiss roll
1. Spread butter cream with spatula onto the cake, sprinkle peanuts to your liking
2. Carefully roll the cake, don't roll it too tightly
3. Spread butter cream onto the rolled cake, more like a crumb coating.
4. Sprinkle peanuts over the top
5. Fridge the Swiss roll for 10 mins
6. Take out Swiss roll from fridge and wrap with cling wrap to firm up the round shape
7. Put back into fridge till u are ready to eat