Mango roll with custard cream by Connie Tan


100g Topflour
80g fine sugar
100g corn oil
4 Large eggs

[Mango custard cream]
50g instant custard(redman)
125ml UHT/fresh milk
50g whipped cream
3 tbsp mango puree

Steps for Filling1. Handwhisk the small batch of whipping cream.
2. Whisk the custard with milk till thickened texture.
3. Combine the custard mixture with whipped cream n add mango puree n stir well. Leave in fridge.

Steps for sponge roll1. Prepare the spongecake base.
2. Whisk the eggs n sugar till thick & glossy.
3. Handfold the sifted flour into the eggs mixture in 3 batches.
4. Pour in the corn oil and hand fold batter till even and glossy.
5. Pour this into a lined swissroll/shallow tray (i use a 25×35cm size or 10"14")
6. Bake in a preheated oven of 180°c for abt 20mins.
7. Test for doneness of cake.
8. Cake with added puree will look slightly dark n compact.
9. When cake is cooled, spread with custard cream n roll like swissroll method.
10. Firm up in freezer slightly bef transferring to chiller or fridge section.
11. Serve n drizzle with more mango puree.