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Traditional Walnut Mooncakes by Brenda Khaw

Ingredients A
190g Hong Kong flour/cake flour
120g Golden syrup
40g Vegetable oil
1/2 tsp Alkaline water/Lye water

Ingredients B (Filling)

White lotus paste
Slated egg yolk

Walnuts for decoration
1 Egg (egg wash lighty beat)

1. In a mixing bowl mix golden syrup n Alkaline water follow by vegetable oil till dissolved.
2. Sift in Hong Kong flour, form mixture into a smooth dough by using spatula. Wrap dough w cling wrap let it rest for 3 hrs in room temperature.
3. Portion lotus paste into a round ball of 25g each. ( if adding salted egg yolk into the paste, reduce abt 5g of paste n wrap in 1/2 of the salted egg yolk)
4. Portion dough into 22g each. Dust palm w some flour to avoid the dough from sticking.
5. Flatten each portioned dough into a round shape, place a lotus paste ball within dough and roll it into a ball. Make sure the opening is completely sealed. Dust palm with some flour to avoid dough from sticking.
6. Gently press walnut fr both side (left n right) at the same …

Hello Kitty Snow Skin Mooncakes by Celine Chan

100g Kou Fen
120g icing sugar
32g shortening
120g cold water
Mix them together to form dough
Form a ball of 30g each

Filling store bought.
Form ball of 20g each

Set aside some dough and add red food colouring to make ribbon for the Hello kitty.

Put the filling into the snow skin and roll them into balls and place in the Hello kitty mould.

For eyes and whiskers, I use melted chocolate.

For nose, I use 2 tbsp of icing sugar and mixed with some water and 1-2 drops of yellow food colouring.

This recipe can make about 10-11 pcs

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Durian Snowskin Mooncake by Vivian Tang

Recipe as follow (adapted from Rasa Malaysia).

130g gao fen
160g icing sugar
130ml water (you can replace with juice if you want fruity snowskin)
2 tbsp fresh milk
1 tbsp shortening
Durian puree (you may freeze or refrigerate it to make it harder, thus easier to handle)

1. Sieve gao fen and icing sugar into a bowl.
2. Add in shortening and combine the mixture.
3. Add in water and milk. Mix to a soft dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
4. Divide the dough into desired size/weight and roll into a ball. (I made 12 mini ones, abt 25g of dough each and this dough is a little too much.. so you can adjust the amount accordingly)
5. Dust your hand with gao fen. Flatten the dough and place durian puree in the middle. ( I used ard 500g of durian puree for 12 mini mooncakes.) Wrap it and seal the edges.
6. Put in a floured mooncake mould. Tap and remove.
7. Chill overnight before serving.
8. Enjoy!

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Walnut Mooncakes by Theresa Chu

Mini Snowskin Mooncakes by Rita Choo

芋头酥 & 红豆酥 by Lim Su Wen

plain flour 160g
butter 55g
sugar 25g
water 40g
1. Leave butter in room temperature
2. Combine all dry ingredients, mix in butter then water
3. Knead the dough until it becomes shiny, wrap with cling wrap and put in fridge for 30 mins
cake flour 125g
matcha powder 5g (for matcha pastry) or few drops of yam colouring (for yam pastry)
butter 65g
red bean paste or yam paste 200g (I bought from phoon huat)

1. Combine all dry ingredients, mix in butter then water
2. Knead the dough until it becomes shiny, wrap with cling wrap and leave aside
After you have done with (A) & (B)
1. Separate yam paste or red bean paste into 16 portions, about 12.5g each and set aside
2. Separate dough (A) & (B) into 8 portions
3. Flatten (A) and place dough (B) into (A), wrap and seal
4. Flatten the combined dough again with seal end face down
5. Roll it up, cover it with cling wrap and let it rest for 15 mins
6. Roll it again (see the link below) and roll it up and let it rest for an…

Chocolate Mooncake by Kelly Ng

Pandan snow skin mooncakes by Theresa Chu

Baked Chocolate Mooncakes by Veronica Chia

Photo credit: Peng's Kitchen

Ingredient (10 x 125gm with yolks or approx. 20 x 50gm without yolks)
150gm golden syrup
80gm butter
1/2 tsp alkaline water
240gm plain flour
30g cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp chocolate paste

580gm lotus paste
40gm toasted walnuts, chopped
30gm dark chocolate chips
10 salted egg yolks (pre-soaked in rose wine for at least 30mins, drain well before use)
Glaze : 1 egg yolk + 1/2 tbsp water

Combine golden syrup and butter in a saucepan. Dissolve the mixture over low heat. Cool well. Stir in alkaline water and chocolate paste.
Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking soda in a mixing bowl. Pour in the golden syrup mixture and mix into a smooth and non-stick dough. Cover and rest for 1 hour. Meanwhile prepare the filling.
Combine lotus paste, walnuts and chocolate chips and mix evenly. Divide into 10 equal portions approx. 65gm each. Wrap each portion with a salted egg yolk and shape round.
Divide skin dough into 10 portions, approx. 50gm each. Flatt…

Ice Cream Mooncake by Shuzhen Hong

Just the 2 ingredients: chocolate + ice cream of choice.
1. Melt the chocolate.
2. Coat the mould.
3. Put in the freezer to set for 3-5minutes.
4. Make a second coat of chocolate if you find the first coat too thin and put in the fridge to set for another 3-5mins.
5. Scoop ice cream into the mould and cover with final layer of chocolate.
6. put it to set in the freezer for 15mins.
7. Unmould.

I used normal jelly mould.
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Homemade Mooncakes by Sandy Sin

Snowskin mooncakes by NoobCook Wiffy

Photo credit: NoobCook

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Homemade creamcheese snow skin mooncakes by Jennifer Lu

80g cream cheese
20g butter
20g shortening
60g icing sugar
1/2 tsp salt
125g kou fun
100ml cold water
30ml thinkened cream
1tsp lemon zest

1. Throw everything in BM and set the 'Dough' fuction.
2. Take out the snow skin dough and divide into 5 pieces 80g portion.

300g green tea lotus paste
100g black sesame lotus paste

1. Scale 5 pieces 60g green tea lotus paste and 5 pieces 20g black sesame lotus paste into balls.
2. Flatten the green tea lotus paste and wrap over the black sesame lotus paste.

1. Roll out each portion of cheese snowskin into a round circle.Wrap in lotus paste filling.Bring in the edges to enclose the filling.
2. Press lightly into mooncake mould.To dislodge mooncake,knock or tap the mould against a hard surface of a table.
3. Serve immediately or chill in the refrigerator.
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Snow skin mooncake by Ng Sook Lin

Kou fien 225g
Icing sugar 300g ( I use 250g)
shortening 45g
Ice water 300ml ( I use yakult ,mango youghurt or any other flavour as preference ) can add a drop or two colouring if like.

Mix all ingredients well.
Put in fridge for 30mins.
Wrap with filling (I use white lotus paste from phoon huat)
put in mold and shape
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Green Tea Snowskin Mooncake with red bean paste filling by Sandy Lee

Mini Traditional Pandan Mooncakes by Rita Choo

Snowskin Mooncakes by Joyce Loke

糕粉 80g
糖粉 100g(筛过)
白油 15g
冰水 100ml



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Snowskin Mooncakes by Sheryl Lim

Snowskin Mooncakes by Catherine Teo

Snowskin Mooncake by Kinky Aries