Easy Mini Curry Minced Beef & Broccoli Pies by Angela Koh

Spinach Quiche by Jenny Soh

Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms Puffs by Kelly Pang

Romantic Apple Tarts by Brenda Khaw

Mini Bite-Size Prata Rolls by Shuzhi Xu

Strawberry chocolate tart by Ong Poon Yin‎

Cinnamon Twist Rolls by Rita Choo

Vanilla Cream Fruity Puff Pastry by Vanessa Tay

Peach Cobbler by Esther Tho

Apple Roses Puff Pastry by Michelle Heng

Figs & Cheese Puff Pastry by Darwin Gosal

Strawberry and peach tart by Zann Teo

Durian puffs by Jensie Tan

Egg Tarts by Yee Wai Lay/ Judy Wong

Durian Puffs by Vanessa Tay

Durian Strudel by Cassandra Chee

Lemon curd tart by Eunice Chan

Baked Chicken Sausage Pie by Hou Lifen

Sunny Nutella Puff Pastry by Rita Choo

Gula Melaka Coconut Tarts by Andrew Lim