Baked Chicken Sausage Pie by Hou Lifen

(Enough for 6 pies – used 4 inch aluminium round cup)

1 Carrot – Diced and boil with water till soft (do not throw the water)
6 Chicken sausages – cut into small pieces (or any meat of your choice)
1 table spoon butter
4 table spoons of Campbell chicken cream soup
A pinch pepper
Some Parsley flakes
3 hard boiled eggs – cut into half
12 pcs Frozen prata (must be slightly defrost)
1 egg yolk with water for egg wash (ratio 1:1)

1) Stir fried the sausages with butter in low heat for about 5 mins.
2) Add in boiled carrot with its water and 4 tbsp of Campbell chicken cream soup. Stir well and let it stew for about 2-3 mins
3) If it is too dry, can add some water . Add in pepper and parsley flakes when almost done. Set aside to cool down.
4) Press 1 prata in the aluminium cup , must be slightly defrost.
5) Add in the cooked ingredients and hard boil egg. Cover with 1 prata, fold and tuck in.
6) Brush with egg wash and bake in pre-heat oven 200 degree for 25-30 mins.