Mini Bite-Size Prata Rolls by Shuzhi Xu

(makes 8 pcs)


1 pc of Japanese chicken mini sausage, cut into 8 strips
1 pc of cheddar cheese slice, cut into 12 strips
1 pc of frozen prata, cut into 8 pcs


1. Put 1 cheddar cheese strip, 1 sausage strip on top of 1/8 of prata.
2. Roll from outer to inner edge of Prata.
3. Lay Prata Rolls with tail end passes the bottom to the other side of Prata Roll, to ensure Prata Roll wont open up when Prata puff up during baking.
4. Brush the Prata Rolls with egg mixture.
5. Bake the Prata Rolls at middle rack at 200C for 15 min, then top rack at 200 degrees for 5mins more to have more brown colour.
6. Ready to serve

Note: baking temp and time may vary according to oven.