Durian puffs by Jensie Tan


125g unsalted butter
150g plan flour 
225 water 
4 eggs 
15g sugar


1) Put in butter, water and sugar in the pot and use low fire to cook until butter and sugar melt.
2) Remove the pot from the fire and pour in flour. Stir until all mix together.
3) Bring to mixer to beat for 5 mins to let it cool for awhile and add in the egg one by one. Add each egg and beat for 3 mins.
4) Use the pipping bag to pipe in the baking tray with baking paper, spray water before put in n bake 
5) Bake 200 degrees at 15min and change to 175 for 10mins. Pls note that can't open the door during baking 
6) Baked until golden brown and let it cool before adding the filling

Durian filling 

200 g durian
150g whipping cream (I put 120g )