Strawberry and peach tart by Zann Teo

For the sweet tart base

100 gram icing sugar
170 gram butter
Pinch of salt
60 gram egg
170 gram cake flour
Sift cake flour and icing sugar tgt then pinch of salt mix well . Add in cold butter. Rub till look like breadcrumbs. Last add in egg . And form a dough . Keep it chill in refergertor for abt half hour to 1 hour .

Remove and bake in baking tin for tarts .roll nicely in the tin . Poke it with fork at the base . Put aluminium foil over then put green bean to bake for 20 to 25 at 170 degrees or till light brown .

For the creme

400 ml milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 egg yolk
60 gram sugar
26 gram plain flour
26 gram cornflour
Boil milk with vanilla essence till bubbles off it . Leave aside
Beat egg yolk with sugar using hand whisk till pale yellow . Add in both flour sifted and Beat till smooth Add in the warm milk slowly . And keep whisking at the same time .till smooth .
Bring the mixture back to boil . Keep whisking over the small fire . Till it curdle .
Done .
Spread over the bake tart . Add in yr preferred fruits!