Durian Puffs by Vanessa Tay

Puff pastry


88g Plain Flour - Sift
70g Butter
175ml Water
2 Eggs

Bring a pot, boil water together with Butter until boiling
Sift in flour and stir, off the fire, use a wooden spoon continue stirring until dough leaves the sides
Gradually stir in the lightly beaten egg. ** {sometime may not use up all eggs}
Stir well after each addition {break into 3 parts}
Fill the cooked dough into pipping bag
Pipe on greased baking tray or line with baking paper
Preheat Oven, bake at 210deg turbo fan for 10mins, than switch to 160deg. Bake till puffy or golden brown

Durian Filling
500g durian purée
30g Mascarpone
100ml Whipping Cream
28g Icing sugar ** optional

Mix Mascarpone, whipping creme at high speed until soft peaks
Add in durian purée and mix well.
Refrigerate before piping.