Oreo Marble butter cake by Esther Tho

Orange Teacake with Dried Cranberries and Chocolate by Jessie Lim

Fruit Pastry Cake by Vanessa Tay

Espresso cream liqueur pink marbled butter cake by Geraldine Tan‎

Buttercake by Ong Liau CG Fiona

Butter walnuts cake by Jensie Tan

Chocolate Banana Bread by Ellena Guan

Almond Butter cake by Esther Tho

Raspberries with Blueberries Bundt Butter Cake by Jeannie Lee

Lemon Glazed Pound Cake by Song Young

Butter Cake with almond flakes toppings by Janice Looi

Gluten free delicious Apple and Almond Cake by Ann Low

Orange Butter Cake by Rita Choo

Walnut butter cake by Cendrine Lim‎

Chia Seeds Almond Butter cake by Ann Low‎

Walnut cake by Rontree Chan

Nestum cereal and almond butter cake by Esther Tho

Marble butter cake by Lena Lai‎

Butter cake with raisin cupcake by Cindy Chua‎

Fruit pastry cakes by Betty J Woo‎