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Waffles by Lena Lai

Pandan Waffles by Joanne Hun

Crispy crepes by Cassandra Chee

Apom by May Chong

Ban Chien Kueh by Ince Felice Danga Lila

Floss Pan-Cake Rolls by Shuzhi Xu

Dorayaki by Joey Foo

Dorayaki by Joey Foo

Mian Chang Kuih by Andrew Lim

Korean meat pancake by Nette Oh‎

Basic Sourdough Pancake by Nancy Tay

Pancake (曼煎糕)by Leow Sharon

Sweet and savoury crepe breakfast by Rontree Chan

Light ButterMilk Waffle by Yvonne Mah

Waffles by Lena Lai

Berrylicious Pancakes by Clarine Lin

Kimchijeon! (aka. Kimchi Pancake) by Song Young

Pumpkin waffle by Esther Tho

Dorayaki by Nancy Tay

Kuih Dadar/Kuih Ketayap Crepe by Ayuls Myiesha