Pancakes by Tan Connie

Roti Kirai (Fishnet Pancake) by Ayuls Myiesha

Pancakes by Remz Valde

Pancake Puff by Kelly Ng

Homemade Belgian waffles by Jennifer Lu

Whole Wheat waffles by Theresa Chu

Triple Decker Bacon & Cheese Wafflewich, Cheese Waffles & Peanut Butter Waffles by Rita Choo

Taiwanese Egglet by Eunice Sng

Dorayaki 铜锣烧 by Liyu Lim

Neil's Pancake by Edith Cheryl

Apple Pancake by Rontree Chan

Roti Kirai by Suri Aziz

Overnight Yeasted Waffle with Strawberry CheeseCake IceCream drizzled with Chocolate syrup by Yvonne Mah

Waffles by Noobcook

Pancakes by FuRry FeRicia

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes by Rita Choo

Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes by Veronica Chai

Korean Pancake by Koh Siew Hwa Geraldine

Pancakes by Cheong Mei Ling