Black bean paste fried with fish head & bittergourd by Janice Looi‎


One fish head ( chop to small chunks)
One bittergourd
Black bean paste 1pkt
Ginger/garlic/chilli padi


1. Cut bittergourd into rectangular shape, rub w salt for 10mins, then rinse. Parboil for awhile n set aside.
2. Marinade fish w salt n pepper n wine. Shallow fry the fish n set aside.
3. Fry black bean paste/ garlic/chilli padi/ ginger till fragrant, add in fish n bittergourd, drizzle soya sauce n wine around the side of the pan, gv a few stir, add in water n bring to a simmer.
3. Add sugar n pepper, taste test the flavour to ur liking. Lastly, add in cornflour solution n stir.
4. Serve n enjoy!