Berrylicious Pancakes by Clarine Lin

Photo credit: Mama Jin Kitchen

3 Eggs beaten
450ml Milk
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 tsp baking powder
300g Self Raising Flour
40g Sugar
1 pinch salt
whipping cream
strawberry and blueberry

1. whisk part (A) for 2 min till foamy.
2. add part (B) to egg mixture continue to whisk till free from lump.
3. cover with cling wrap and let it seat for 20min. give it a few stir before pour into a jar
4. heat the non stick pan at medium heat. pour some batter on the pan. when there is bubble start bubbling at the centre, u may flip the pancake.
5. repeat the step. and it make around 12 pcs. decorate with some strawberry and blueberry and also whipping cream. serve with maple syrup. enjoy.

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