Air Fried Smoky Montreal Steak with Herb Butter by Veronica Chia

Deconstructed Beef Wellington Pie by Mitchelle Chua

Beef Stew by Connie Tan

Beef Stew in Red Wine by Angeline Lim

Slow Roasted Tenderloin by Angeline Lim

Spring Onion & Ginger slice pork with Ginger Beer by Esther Tho

Stew Beef with Carrot and Radish by Lynn See

Traditional Hungarian Goulash by Michelle Heng‎

Beef brisket by Karen Leong

Roasted beef by Quek Zong Ye

Roast Ribeye by Vanessa Tay

Borsch soup by Janet Liew‎

Beef Stew by Cassandra Chee

Beef Rendang by TeacherAnna Acets‎

Beef Goulash with Mashed Potato by Joyce Tan

Beef Buah Keluak by Jean Chua

Ragu alla Bolognese by Eddy Khoo

Stewed Beef Shank by Janet Liew

Beef Stew with Sweet and Hot Paprika by Eddy Khoo

Green curry pasta by Joycee Kong