Beef Stew by Connie Tan

350g beef shin
2 carrots (diced big chunks)
3-4 australian washed potatoes (diced big)
1 yellow onion (sliced and quartered)
2 bay leaves
Some white button mushrooms (diced in quarters)
A heaped spoon of plain flour
1 box 500ml campbell's beef stock

Seasoning: freshly grinded black pepper n salt to taste plus 1 tbspn or approx worcestershire sauce

1. Wash n rinse the beef shin. Drain aside
2. Parboil the carrots and potatoes and drain aside.
3. Heat up a heavy-based pot with some butter. Brown the batch of beef shin slightly to firm it. Put aside. Sautee the onions next till fragrant.
4. Add mushrooms and toss even before juices oozes. Then pour back beef shin to pot. Add your worcestershire sauce. Stir even with a heaped spoonful of plain flour.
5. You may pour in the beef stock to the required amount.
6. Add in the carrots n potatoes, then bay leaves.
7. Cover lid and let it simmer. Bring to a boil then off fire from stove.
8. Transfer all into the inner pot of thermal pot. Give a stir then cover lid and close thermal pot cover.
9. Let it thermal heat for 3hours at least. But usually, half time, i would bring out inner pot, heat over stove slightly to stir even. Put back pot into thermal pot again till it reach 3hr or more.
10. When ready to serve after 3 hrs, you may reheat another round at stove if needed.

Enjoy the beef stew with garlic baguettes or a bowl of rice.

My carrots n potatoes are parboiled advance bef cooking as my family prefer really soft ones after all the thermal cooking.