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Traditional Steamed Egg Cake by Connie Tan

Steam Chocolate Cake by Shirley Yeo

Steamed Cake by Crystal Hoo

Steamed rice flour cake by Joanne Sim

Watermelon Steamed Cake by Pimalati Sari‎

Huat kueh by Crystal Hoo‎

Chinese steamed cake by Cheryl Lam‎

Steam mini rice cake by Katherine Tan‎

Steamed Egg Cake / Huat Kueh by Sandy Tok

Steamed Egg Cake (鸡蛋糕) by Jensie Tan

Huat Kueh by Jeannie Lee

Steamed Brownie by Serene Ng

Gula Melaka steamed cake by Theresa Chu‎

Ma Lai Gao by Zann Teo

Steamed pumpkin muffins by Wai Sum‎

Steamed chocolate with apple bits cake by Cassandra Poh

Steamed Pumpkin kueh by Pris Wang

Steamed Nutella cupcakes by Kayder Tan