Huat kueh by Crystal Hoo‎

300 g self raising flour
200g brown sugar (if want to do milo huat kueh can reduce brown sugar to 180g and add 2 packets 3 in 1 milo)
250 ml water
2 tsp baking powder
Bit of margarine (abt 2 flat tbsp)

Melt the sugar/milo in 250ml half warm water and stir till dissolved

Add in flour and rest of ingredients and mix well

I didn't use a mixer, I hand stir in one direction till it's well combined. The mixture should not be too watery, not too thick too.

Pour into cups 95% full and steam in high fire for abt 15 mins. Do not open lid in between. Use a taller lid if not the huat kueh is sure to "overflow". Use a satay stick to test , if it comes out clean, off fire.