Mango Yogurt Popsicles by Janice Looi

Homemade black sesame & yuzu Ice cream by Kelly Pang

Coconut durian ice-cream with coconut caramel by Lena Lai

MSW durian ice-cream by Lena Lai

Pork floss ice cream by Rontree Chan

Coconut-Pineapple Sorbet (without ice-cream maker) by Lily Tan

Yogurt-Lime Sorbet by Veronica Chia‎

Key Lime and graham cookies gelato by Charlynn Gwee‎

Strawberry Sorbet by Esther Tho

Chocolate ice cream cake by Irene Nah

Coconut & Mango Cream Popsicle by Miki Mak

Butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch sauce and praline by Lena Lai

Mango Ice Cream by Pauline Leong

Mango-Pistachio ice cream by Christine Tan

Cookies and cream ice cream by Jen Lee

Bailey’s Ice-cream by Lena Lai

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice-Cream by Song Young

Nutella ice cream by Shireen Mak

Coconut Sorbet by Song Young

Matcha ice-cream by Lena Lai