MSW durian ice-cream by Lena Lai


1 cup whipping cream
1 cup full cream milk

2 tbsp of sugar
2 egg yolks

200gm durian purée ( I used 240gm of flesh n push try a sieve to remove the fibre)

1/2 tsp of vanilla essence


Mix A n simmer under slow to mid fire

Beat B till fluffy.

When A is hot (not boiling), add tbsp by tbsp into B as not to cook the yolks at this stage. When done, u can pour n mix A and B n simmer till it coat the back of ur spoon. Take it off the heat n keep stirring to cool it. Add in vanilla essence at this stage. Freeze mixture for 30mins. Add in the durian purée n sieve again. Put into ice cream mc n churn for 30mins. Done.

If u don't have ice cream maker, u can start the freezing process but u need to keep scrapping after freezing for 6 hrs.