Homemade lychee and lime sorbet by Shiqin Chen

Makes approx 10-12 scoops, depending on how big your scoops are hahaha

1. empty 2 cans of lychee (standard size around 550g from supermarkets), including the syrup, into a food processor

2. blitz the fruit and syrup, adding in the juice and zest from 1 big lime as the processor is mixing

3. the mixture should be still quite watery, with small bits of lychee fruit still. empty this into a freezing tray or ice cream pan and put it in the freezer

4. let the mixture freeze for 5-6h till solid. depending on how much time you have and how fine you want the sorbet to be, you can repeat the blitzing in the food processor a few times. to produce the consistency as per picture above, I mixed it a total of 3 times over 2 days

5. last round of mixing: whisk 1-2 egg whites (depending on size of egg) until light and fluffy then add in the ice lychee and lime mixture. when the mixture and egg white mixes together, the texture should become more 'creamy' and smooth, not as icy as before. pop this in to the freezer for the last time and voila! lychee lime sorbet, without an ice cream maker! can serve with mint or some fruit compote, syrup etc.

for those who prefer their sorbet less smooth and more icy, just skip step 5 you'll get more of a granita type of dessert as compared to sorbet, but still equally yummy!