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Stir-Fried Fish maw with bean sprouts by Anna Tan‎

40 gram Fish Maw (Soak, blanch with hot water) cut into ring
1 cup of bean sprouts, wash and tail removed
1 egg
3 rehydrated Chinese mushroom, sliced
3 tbsp of preserved sweet radish (chai poh), Thai used sugar but I replaced with chai poh or 1 tsp sugar
30 gram of chicken breast meat, sliced (optional)
Coriander for fry and garnishing

1 tbsp light soya sauce
1 tbsp mushroom sauce
2 tbsp Shao sin chew/ cooking wine ( I used Hwa Tiao Chew)
2 dashes of ground pepper (1/2 tsp)

1. Heat up the wok or non-stick pan with medium high, 2 tbsp grape seed oil or cooking oil.
2. Saute the garlic till fragrant.
3. Add in chai poh/ preserved sweet radish.
4. Add in mushroom, stir well till fragrant.
5. Add chicken slices if you want for 2 mins. Ladder this aside, make way for the egg.
6. Crack the egg, and do scramble, not too cook stil abit raw.
7. Toss in the fish maw, stir fry for 1 min.
8. Toss in bean sprout, not too long depend whether you like it crunchy or soft. I …

Claypot Kung Po Frog Legs by Angela Seah Thulin

Stir fried Ginger and spring onion bull frog by Jane Kang

Bought 3 whole frog from sheng shiong.

1. Clean insides and cut into parts.
2. Drain water and marinate in some oyster sauce
3. Use cooking oil and sesame oil to fry garlic and ginger till fragrant. Better to use young ginger.
4. Add the marinated frog meat. Simmer at high heat for 1 to 2 min, stir and add in some hua diao jiu and spring onion.
5. Cover and simmer till almost done (I overcooked this time ) and add some dark soya sauce for colour
6. Serve hot!

Sauce super yummy with rice.

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Crocodile Soup by Kelly Pang

6-8 pieces Dried/ 1 pack Frozen crocodile meat
If I use dried, I'll add some pork ribs too.
4-6 淮山 Huai shan
1 handful 茨實
4-6 海玉竹
10 蓮子
1/2 bundle 沙參
4 蜜棗
Handful of 南北杏
Orange peel - soak & scrape inner white part

* optional:
蟲草花 - soak & rinse many times

To cook:
1. Boil water. Add ribs, crocodile meat. Follow by honeydates & orange peel.
2. Then all other ingredients.
3. Boil for 2 hrs