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椰香楊枝甘露 Mango Pomelo Sago with Coconut Milk by Alan Goh

It is mango season again and this year's Thai honey mangoes are a real steal! Big, sweet and really cheap too, The best time to make one of my all-time favorite chilled desserts to beat the heat. Remembering a twist to this popular dessert I had at one of the tong shuei shops in Hong Kong a couple of years back, I'd used Ayam brand's UHT coconut milk in place of evaporated milk for that additional dimension of natural creamy richness for good contrast against the refreshing mango and sourish hues of the pomelo pulp. #ayamcooking

Recipe serves 4-6
3-4 large mangoes (appro. 250-300g each)
100g pomelo pulp
200ml Ayam brand UHT coconut milk
100ml water
50g fine-grained sugar (adjust to own personal preference for sweetness)
100g sago pearls

Pour water, sugar and coconut milk into a small pot and warm gently until small bubbles begin to form around the perimeter of the pot and the sugar has completely dissolved. Do not bring the mixture to a boil as the coconut milk ma…

Coconut Milk Corn Pudding by Serene Lim MH

My family love this dessert. I like to use Ayam Brand Coconut Milk as it has no added preservatives. I don’t have to worry about preservatives when I give this to my children. Even my 16 months old toddler enjoy this Coconut Milk Corn Pudding, especially on such hot weather.

This is very easy to prepare. I usually do this in the evening and the family gets to eat it the next day.

2 packets of white agar agar powder
2 packets of 200 ml Ayam Brand Coconut Milk
1 packet/can of creamed corn
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup sugar
Few pieces of pandan leaves
1 litres of water

Add pandan leaves and water to pot. On low fire, add sugar and agar agar powder, bring to boil.Add creamed corn and frozen corn and stir.After a few minutes, when the frozen corn is cooked, add coconut milk. Turn off heat once mixture comes to a boil.Pour mixture into mould and let it cool before putting them in fridge to set for a few hours or overnight.

Tricolour glutinous rice balls by Julia Yany

(Makes approximately 30 rice balls)

For filings:
Toasted ground peanuts mix with sugar

For purple colour rice balls60 grams glutinous rice flour
50ml cherry juice *or any red fruits (blender cherry flesh & strain the juice)
Mix it to form a dough that should be pliable to shape.
*alternatively can use water and add food colouring to the dough

For yellow colour rice balls60 grams glutinous rice flour
50ml orange juice
Mix it to form a dough (add more juice or water if needed)

For green colour rice balls60grams glutinous rice flour
50ml pandan leaf extract
Mix it to form a dough

After make each colour dough, take a pinch of dough, flattened and fill in with sugar peanuts fillings, covered dough and form a round balls. Set aside rice balls on a dusted flour tray.

To make sweet ginger gravy5 sachets Gingen Ginger powder
750ml water
2 stalks pandan leaf, tie a knot
Brown sugar or raw sugar to taste
Boil water in a medium size pot, once it boils, add in ginger powder, pandan leaf an…

Mango Sago with Jackfruits by Tay Ai Whey

Ingredients :

800g mango
400ml mango juice
130ml evaporated milk
80g pearls sago
200g Jackfruits sliced
250ml water
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon tapioca flour
1 tablespoon water
100ml water

Methods :

Soak sago for 15 minutes (do not soak too long if u don't like it to be too powdery). Wash it to remove excess starch before and after soaking process.

Boil about 3 cups of water in a saucepan. The amount of water should cover all sago pearls and bring to boil. Stir them constantly and make sure that they don't stick together. Cook until it is soft and translucent.

Drain sago in strainer and wash it under running tap water to wash out the excess starch.

Bring 250ml water and sugar to a boil till sugar dissolves.

Combine tapioca flour with 1 tablespoon of water and pour into the syrup and stir over low heat until mixture is smooth.

Off the fire and set aside to cool.

Cut mangoes into cubes. Reserved 2/3 of them. Blend the rest of mango cubed with 100ml water.

Add blend…

Coconut Mochi Rolls by Tay Ai Whey


100g glutinuous rice flour
15g tapioca flour
70g caster sugar
150ml coconut milk

2 teaspoons rose water (I forgot to buy and I substitute with apple juice)
3 drops red food colouring (or any other colours of your preference)

1 grated coconut (leftover can keep in the freezer)


Grease a 8 x 8 inch tray with vegetable oil and set aside.

Combine all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add the coconut milk and stir well until all combine.

Pour the batter on the prepared greased tray and make sure that the batter is spread evenly. Steam for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, mix the 2 teaspoons of rose water with the colouring you prefer.

Remove mochi from the steamer and brush with the colouring. Let the mochi sit for about 15 minutes.

Use a spatula or a knife to release all the side of the mochi from the tray. Roll the mochi into a cylinder and gently remove from the tray. Let it cool.

Gently roll the mochi roll on a plate with grated coconut and coat it evenly.

Cut the …

Mango Mochi by Jeannie Lee

1 ripe mango - cut cubes 
220gm glutinous flour 
120gm sugar 
220ml fresh coconut milk
Desiccated coconut

In a mixing add glutinous flour with sugar and fresh coconut milk, mix and combine till dough is smooth.
Grease a pan or plate with some oil, place the dough into the plate and spread evenly.
Prepare a wok, add water to boil, once the water is boiling, place the plate of dough on the steamer and steam for about 15mins. You can check by poking with a skewer when it comes out clean, this is done.
Allow the cooked dough to cool a little for easy to work later.
On a plate, pour the desiccated coconut. 
Scoop out 1tbsp of the cooked dough, flatten with your fingers, place a piece of mango cube in the centre, pinch the edges and roll into a ball. Coat the ball with desiccated coconut. 
Continue with the rest of the dough till all use up.
You can chill the Mochi if you prefer to eat it chill.

*Do not over steam the dough otherwise it turned out hard.

Potatoes with Longan and Colourful Tapioca Cubes by Tay Ai Whey


1 cup glutinuous rice flour
1 teaspoon cherry red colour essence
1/2 cup water

For soup

200g sweet potatoes washed, skin peeled and cut into bite size
10 -15 dried longans
4 slices of ginger
10 - 12 red dates
6 pandan leaves washed and cut off dead edges. Tie leaves into a bundle
100g of gula melaka to taste. You may substitute with rock sugar
1000ml of water
1 packet of colourful tapioca cubes


Place glutinuous rice flour in a big bowl and add some water in few stages while kneading the flour into dough. Knead the dough until the texture is smooth and a little sticky.

Split half the dough. Half of it to mix with red colour while the other half remains white.

Pinch off pieces of the dough and roll it into small balls. Repeat steps till all complete.

Drop the glutinuous balls into a pot of boiling water and cook until they float to the surface. Transfer them immediately to a large bowl of room temperature water until cooled.

Prepare a sweet soup by boiling water and…

Sng Bao by Michelle Heng

Pineapple Flavour (makes 3)
1 can pineapple

Kiwi Flavour (makes 2)
1 kiwi
1 carton Peel Fresh Momo Juice

Mixed Fruits Flavour (makes 5)
1 wedge pomelo
2 pcs jackfruits
20 grapes
2 cans coconut juice

Lychee Flavour (makes 4)
1 can lychee
5 stalk lemongrass
1 ltr water
Rock sugar (to taste)
1 tbsp lemongrass (finely chopped)

1. Cut 6 pieces of pineapple rings into smaller pieces, apportion them equally and place the fruits into the sng bao bags.
2. Blend the remaining pineapple and the syrup (adjust with water to your desired sweetness), pour the juice into a water bottle then slowly pour into the sng bao bags till 3/4 full, tie bag with rubber bands. Repeat till all is done and freeze.
3. Slice or dice kiwi, apportion and place the cut fruits into the sng bao bags.
4. Pour the Peel Fresh Momo juice into the bag till 3/4 full and tie with rubber band. Repeat till all is done and freeze.
5. Cut and mix the fruits thoroughly. Apportion the cut fruits equally into…

台灣芋圓 Taiwanese QQ balls by Jessica Lie


100g Steamed Japanese sweet potato/pumpkin
100g Steamed Yam
60g + 60g Tapioca flour
A little water


1. Smash the steamed sweet potato and yam separately until mushy.
2. Add in the flour to the mushy sweet potato gradually. Knead it as you are adding the flour until it becomes a dough and not sticking to your hand (You may add more flour if its still sticky). Do the same for the steamed yam (yam is drier, you may need to add a few drops of water to knead the dough)
3. Divide each dough into 2 portions and roll each of them into a long and thin cylinder shape. Cut and shape it depends on how big and how thick you want it.
4. Cook the balls in hot boiling water. Once it floats, cook for another 30 seconds. Remove from boiling water and place it in a bowl of plain water to prevent sticking to each other.

*The more flour you add, the more Q the balls are but it will loosen the taste of the sweet potato and yam*

**If you want to keep the QQ balls in the freezer for the fu…

Tiramisu in a Cup by Hazel Valerie Lim

Ingredients & Method

3 extra large egg yolks
75g sugar
4 tablespoons Kahlua( coffee liquor)

Whisk the egg yolk and sugar over a pot of simmering water until sugar dissolves and thicken then remove from heat and add in Kahlua, leave aside.

2 tablespoon of gelatine
70g of 65 deg water

Mix gelatine in water, stir till dissolve. And add into egg yolk batter. Mix well

500g Mascarpone Cheese at room temperature

Beat cheese till smooth and add into egg yolk gelatine batter.

300g whip topping cream

Whip cream till sift peak and fold it into cheese batter.

Coffee Syrup
150g hot water
80g Sugar
4 tablespoons instant coffee powder
2 tablespoon of Kahlua

Mix the above well

1 pack of sponge finger (about 20 pcs)

Cut into section


Scope a spoon or 2 cheese batter into cup, follow by topping the sponge finger that has been dip into the coffee syrup. Repeat the above till reach nearly full cup. Put in fridge chill till set and dust with cocoa powder when serve.

Tao Suan by Susan Tan


200g mung beans - $1.00 from market (washed briefly and pre-soaked overnight and put in fridge)
10 tbsp sweet potato starch (mixed evenly with some water)
8 pandan leaves (each cut into 2) preboiled in water
Water 1.5L - 2L
White sugar (50g)
Orange sugar (30g)
Brown sugar or Gula Melaka syrup (10 ml)
Tiny pinch of salt

1. Boil pandan leaves in medium size pot (1.5L - 2L water) for 20-30 mins and leave it to soak.
2. Steam the soaked mung beans in a cloth bag or herbal bag (new bag) for 20-30 mins. At half time turn the beans to mix them evenly. Taste for softness.
3. Throw away pandan leaves and boil the water again. While boiling, add the 3 types of sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Add a pinch of salt. Taste and adjust the sugar for sweetness. Lower heat and slowly add the sweet potato starch (dissolved in water) and increase heat again, stirring quickly until you get a thick consistency. Check and add more liquid sweet potato flour if it's too thin.
4. Do …

Chocolate Truffles by Sophia‎


Ganache 500g heavy cream  50g unsalted butter  600g dark chocolate 
Coating suggestions Cocoa powder  Matcha powder  Chopped nuts 

1. Boil butter and cream.  2. Slowly pour into dark chocolate and mix well. 
Suggestion: You may add your favourite liqueur, liquor, chili flakes, lemon juice, or flavouring essence to create multiple variations if you like! 
1. Chill the ganache for approximately 4 hours.  2. Sift cocoa powder.  3. Roll chocolate ganache into mini balls, or of any shape you like.  4. Coat the chocolate balls with cocoa powder, or anything else you can think of. 
This recipe is really flexible and feel free to be creative and bold! Enjoy these sinfully good chocolates!

Video recipe:

Tau Huay (Soy Beancurd) by Lily Tan

Make 3-4 disposable containers

- 1 litre Soy Milk (homemade or ready-made)*
- 4 tsp+1 pinch (i.e. 5ml+1ml) Instant Jelly Powder**
- Optional: Bundle of Pandan Leaves for extra fragrance
* I am using "HOME SOY / Original Flavour" brand as it is less sweet and tastes most natural.
** I am using "REDMAN" brand, can get from Phoon Huat or most supermarkets.


1. Measure Instant Jelly Powder as accurate as possible with measuring spoon. Set aside. {My measurement will get a soft, silky smooth texture, if you prefer the runny "Lao Ban 老伴豆花" style, omit the 1-pinch. Likewise, If you prefer a firmer texture, add another 1-pinch.}

2. Pour soy milk in a pot and boil it with low heat; stir with a whisk every few minutes. Add pandan leaves as well if using.

3. When soy milk begins to get very hot (ie. when steam arises and foam seems to start forming), stir in the Instant Jelly Powder. Stir mixture well till Powder is fully dissolved.
{Note: Soy mi…

White Chocolate Bark by Jumi Tan

• 2 packs white cooking chocolate (340g per pack, can get from cold storage)
• Cranberry (grams up to U)
• Chocolate sprinkle (grams up to U)
• Desiccated coconut (grams up to U, can get from cold storage)
• Nuts (I used almond and cashew, roast them in the oven for a while)

Step 1: Place all your white cooking chocolate button into a big bowl. Using the double boiling way, melt down your chocolate. Double boiling is to cook using HEAT from boiling water and not under direct heat.
Step 2: In a large shallow dish, place in aluminium foil to line your dish.
Step 3: Pour your hot melted chocolate into the shallow dish
Step 4: Decorate the toppings ASAP. Use any dried fruits and roasted nuts U like. I also added desiccated coconut and chocolate sprinkle.
Step 5: Let it cool outside for a while. Once down, set it to the freezer for 1 hour to set it
Step 6: Remove the large block out of the shallow dish by lifting your aluminium foil. Give it a rough cut to give a rustic and h…

Ginger Pudding by Jumi Tan

Step 1: Grind fresh ginger (I used half a palm size) and get the juice out, you dont need the pulp. Place juice into 3 bowls and let it sit.

Step 2: With low heat, in a pot, warm 3 bowls of full cream milk (it is important to use full cream milk so that it will help the pudding to solidify better. Look out for tiny bubbles at the rim of the pot. It means it is at the temperature of around 70-80 degree
Step 3: Add in 5 tablespoon of sugar and stir. Soon you can off the fire.
Step 4: Let the mixture cool for a while, warm (hot but not burning when U touch) and quickly pour the milk into the bowl with ginger. Do not stir. 
Step 5: Let it sit at open air to solidify.
The texture should be a soft pudding, softer than bean curd and if you are able to place a spoon on top of the pudding without it sinking, it means you are successful.

Corn Hoon kueh by Eliz Lim

Ingredient -
1 pkt ( portion) of green bean powder (90g)

2 portion of sugar ( est 180g )
* as per preference on sweetness level

5 portion of water ( milk, coconut milk or coco ( est 450ml ) plus 300 ml of water .. Own preference on the milk and water %

Frozen corn ( quantity as per required )
Or banana. ( sliced )

Banana leaves ( cut into pcs as per preference , put in hot water for abt 20 Secs to soften it )

Steps :
1. Boil the banana leave - put aside , boil frozen corn for 5 mins, drain and put aside .

2. Stir in gradually 1 portion green bean powder to 2 portion of sugar, 5 portion of water * ( milk, coconut milk or cocoa ).

3. Keep stirring in one circular direction

4. Once it's thicken, can put aside ( away fr stove ) and start to wrap. Wrap like a Nasi Lemak style and secure with tooth pick .

5. Keep in fridge for 2 hours and ready to serve.

Ginger candy by Jumi Tan

Step 1: Cut up a whole piece of big ginger into slices (2 mm in thickness), simmer in slow fire in half a cup of water until dry >>> This step (to soften)

Step 2: Add in fresh orange juice (3 oranges, do not include pulp), 3 tablespoon of sugar and continue to simmer until dry. This step (to infuse flavours)
Step 3: Take it out and lay it on a plate. Cool down and dust with sugar & let it dry for 8 -10 hours outside. It's a slow making process but totally worth the effort.
Step: Once dry completely store in container
P/S: If U have a food dehydrator....BETTER!

Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka Coconut by Jeannie Lee


4 tbsp sago
800 ml water
80gm gula melaka
2tbsp water
250ml coconut milk
3 pandan leaves - tie knot
Pinch of salt

Bring 800 ml water to boil in a pot. Once boiled, add in sago and boil till translucent. Drain and run under the tap to get rid of the starch.
Scoop the cooked sago into small bowl or mould and allow to chill and set in the fridge for an hour or more.
In a small saucepan, bring 250ml coconut milk to boil. Add in the pandan leaves. Allow to boil till slightly thicken. Add a pinch of salt before turn off the fire. Leave aside to cool.
In another saucepan, add 2tbsp of water with 80gm gula melaka, bring to boil till gula melt.
Unmould sago on a serving plate, top with coconut milk and gula melaka.
Serve and enjoy!

Aloe Vera Lemongrass Aiyu Jelly by Nora Leong


10 stalks of lemongrass
1 big aloe vera leaf
Padan leaves
2 pkts instant ice jelly powder (I use holly farm)


Preparing aloe vera
Cut away the brown parts of the aloe vera at the top and bottom
Wash under running water
Remove the skin
Wash and cut the flesh into small cubes
Prepare a pot of boiling water. Abt a big bowl
Put in the cut aloe vera and let it boil for 10 mins
Strain and rinse 2x with cold drinking (or tap) water
This is to remove the gel and gooey stuff
Scoop 2 tbsp into each serving bowl

Preparing the jelly
Remove the most outer layer of lemongrass
cut away 1cm fr the top and 1 inch at the bottom
Wash and give each stalk a few vertical slits or simply pound it with the handle of the knife
Boil 1500ml of water
Add in the lemon grass and boil over med heat for 10 mins then add in pandan leaves and simmer for another 20 mins over low med heat
Remove the lemon grass and any residues from the water
Pour in the 2 pkts of jelly powder
Keep stirring. Once disso…

Snow lotus seeds white fungus dessert by Vanessa Tay


10g Snow Lotus Seeds
10g White Fungus
6 - 8 Dried Red Date
30 Dried Longan
Rock Sugar
2 Liter Water
Pandan Leave


Soaked Snow Lotus Seeds for an hour
The snow lotus seeds will expand in water, about 1-2 times its original size, and become almost translucent
Remove and rinse under a running tap to remove dirt particles

Soak white fungus in a large bowl filled with water for about 15 minutes or until soft. The white fungus will expand in water, about 1-2 times its original size, and become almost translucent. Remove and rinse under a running tap to remove dirt particles. Using your hands or scissors, cut off the discolored parts and hard stem. Next, tear white fungus into small florets. Rinse thoroughly and drain the water.

In a large pot, bring water to boil. Add in pandan leave, dried red date and soaked white fungus. Bring to a boil and reduce to simmer slowly for 30 mins.

Add Snow Lotus Seeds, continue to simmer for another hour

Lastly add in dried longan, increase …