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Tricolour glutinous rice balls by Julia Yany

Mango Sago with Jackfruits by Tay Ai Whey

Coconut Mochi Rolls by Tay Ai Whey

Mango Mochi by Jeannie Lee

Potatoes with Longan and Colourful Tapioca Cubes by Tay Ai Whey

Sng Bao by Michelle Heng

台灣芋圓 Taiwanese QQ balls by Jessica Lie

Tiramisu in a Cup by Hazel Valerie Lim

Tao Suan by Susan Tan

Chocolate Truffles by Sophia‎

Tau Huay (Soy Beancurd) by Lily Tan

White Chocolate Bark by Jumi Tan

Ginger Pudding by Jumi Tan

Corn Hoon kueh by Eliz Lim

Ginger candy by Jumi Tan

Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka Coconut by Jeannie Lee

Aloe Vera Lemongrass Aiyu Jelly by Nora Leong

Snow lotus seeds white fungus dessert by Vanessa Tay

Tau Suan by Tan Connie‎

Oven Baked S'mores Cone by Cat Yo