White Chocolate Bark by Jumi Tan

• 2 packs white cooking chocolate (340g per pack, can get from cold storage)
• Cranberry (grams up to U)
• Chocolate sprinkle (grams up to U)
• Desiccated coconut (grams up to U, can get from cold storage)
• Nuts (I used almond and cashew, roast them in the oven for a while)

Step 1: Place all your white cooking chocolate button into a big bowl. Using the double boiling way, melt down your chocolate. Double boiling is to cook using HEAT from boiling water and not under direct heat.
Step 2: In a large shallow dish, place in aluminium foil to line your dish.
Step 3: Pour your hot melted chocolate into the shallow dish
Step 4: Decorate the toppings ASAP. Use any dried fruits and roasted nuts U like. I also added desiccated coconut and chocolate sprinkle.
Step 5: Let it cool outside for a while. Once down, set it to the freezer for 1 hour to set it
Step 6: Remove the large block out of the shallow dish by lifting your aluminium foil. Give it a rough cut to give a rustic and home-made touch
Step 7: Store tupperware in the fridge or pack them into small wrapper/ribbon and give it to friends and co-workers as small gifts