Tiramisu in a Cup by Hazel Valerie Lim

Ingredients & Method

3 extra large egg yolks
75g sugar
4 tablespoons Kahlua( coffee liquor)

Whisk the egg yolk and sugar over a pot of simmering water until sugar dissolves and thicken then remove from heat and add in Kahlua, leave aside.

2 tablespoon of gelatine
70g of 65 deg water

Mix gelatine in water, stir till dissolve. And add into egg yolk batter. Mix well

500g Mascarpone Cheese at room temperature

Beat cheese till smooth and add into egg yolk gelatine batter.

300g whip topping cream

Whip cream till sift peak and fold it into cheese batter.

Coffee Syrup

150g hot water
80g Sugar
4 tablespoons instant coffee powder
2 tablespoon of Kahlua

Mix the above well

1 pack of sponge finger (about 20 pcs)

Cut into section


Scope a spoon or 2 cheese batter into cup, follow by topping the sponge finger that has been dip into the coffee syrup. Repeat the above till reach nearly full cup. Put in fridge chill till set and dust with cocoa powder when serve.