Tricolour glutinous rice balls by Julia Yany

(Makes approximately 30 rice balls)

For filings:
Toasted ground peanuts mix with sugar

For purple colour rice balls60 grams glutinous rice flour
50ml cherry juice *or any red fruits (blender cherry flesh & strain the juice)
Mix it to form a dough that should be pliable to shape.
*alternatively can use water and add food colouring to the dough

For yellow colour rice balls60 grams glutinous rice flour
50ml orange juice
Mix it to form a dough (add more juice or water if needed)

For green colour rice balls60grams glutinous rice flour
50ml pandan leaf extract
Mix it to form a dough

After make each colour dough, take a pinch of dough, flattened and fill in with sugar peanuts fillings, covered dough and form a round balls. Set aside rice balls on a dusted flour tray.

To make sweet ginger gravy5 sachets Gingen Ginger powder
750ml water
2 stalks pandan leaf, tie a knot
Brown sugar or raw sugar to taste

Boil water in a medium size pot, once it boils, add in ginger powder, pandan leaf and sugar. Stir until sugar completely dissolves. Simmer for awhile to let the pandan leaf release it's fragrance. Off the heat.

Lastly boil another pot of water, once it boils, drop in glutinous rice balls and let it cook until the rice balls floated to surface. Strain and transfer cooked rice balls into the pot of ginger tea. To serve, add in palm seed in individual bowl, scoop some rice balls with the gravy, sprinkle with toasted peanuts and served warm or chilled.

*to store uncooked glutinous rice balls, keep in the dusted flour tupperware and chilled in the fridge for days or freezer for months.