Ginger Pudding by Jumi Tan

Step 1: Grind fresh ginger (I used half a palm size) and get the juice out, you dont need the pulp. Place juice into 3 bowls and let it sit.

Step 2: With low heat, in a pot, warm 3 bowls of full cream milk (it is important to use full cream milk so that it will help the pudding to solidify better. Look out for tiny bubbles at the rim of the pot. It means it is at the temperature of around 70-80 degree

Step 3: Add in 5 tablespoon of sugar and stir. Soon you can off the fire.

Step 4: Let the mixture cool for a while, warm (hot but not burning when U touch) and quickly pour the milk into the bowl with ginger. Do not stir. 

Step 5: Let it sit at open air to solidify.
The texture should be a soft pudding, softer than bean curd and if you are able to place a spoon on top of the pudding without it sinking, it means you are successful.