Tau Huay (Soy Beancurd) by Lily Tan

Make 3-4 disposable containers


- 1 litre Soy Milk (homemade or ready-made)*
- 4 tsp+1 pinch (i.e. 5ml+1ml) Instant Jelly Powder**
- Optional: Bundle of Pandan Leaves for extra fragrance
* I am using "HOME SOY / Original Flavour" brand as it is less sweet and tastes most natural.
** I am using "REDMAN" brand, can get from Phoon Huat or most supermarkets.


1. Measure Instant Jelly Powder as accurate as possible with measuring spoon. Set aside. {My measurement will get a soft, silky smooth texture, if you prefer the runny "Lao Ban 老伴豆花" style, omit the 1-pinch. Likewise, If you prefer a firmer texture, add another 1-pinch.}

2. Pour soy milk in a pot and boil it with low heat; stir with a whisk every few minutes. Add pandan leaves as well if using.

3. When soy milk begins to get very hot (ie. when steam arises and foam seems to start forming), stir in the Instant Jelly Powder. Stir mixture well till Powder is fully dissolved.
{Note: Soy milk MUST be real hot when Powder is added, else it will not set properly later. Also DO NOT let it reach boiling point as it will get very foamy and spill out very quickly, control the heat while stirring.}

4. Turn off heat, sieve/scoop out any bubbles/foams on the surface before pouring/scooping it into containers/bowls. Remove small bubbles on the surface. Let it cool down before transferring to the fridge for chilling. Ready to serve after about 4 hours or when it is properly set. Enjoy!