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Blue Pea and Soya Chiffon Cake by Kitty Katherine Goh

Honey Blueberry Chiffon Cake by Vanessa Tay

Honey Lemon Soufflé by Colleen Teo

Yuzu Yogurt Smoothie Chiffon by Vanessa Tay

Mixed Berries Yogurt Sakura Chiffon by Vanessa Tay

Pandan Chiffon Cups by Jocelyn Yeo

Pandan Chiffon Cake by Enne Ty

Baileys Chiffon Cake by Vanessa Tay

Strawberry chiffon cake by Li Li Tan

Pandan Chiffon Cupcakes by Jeannie Lee

Banana Chiffon by Esther Tho

Pandan Chiffon by Esther Tho

Nutella mini-chiffon cake by Neo Yu Jiing

Cream Yogurt Cake by Sirlina Lee

Durian Ogura Cake by Cinder Leong

Chocolate Chiffon Cake by Vivian Gay‎

Pandan Chiffon Cuppies by Emy Lee

Yuzu Yogurt Chiffon by Fc Ng

Chocolate Chiffon Cake with chocolate ganache and toasted almonds by Andrew Lim

Orange Chiffon Cake by Chris Ng